Our latest core business

One of the latest forays of the Vijaylaxmi Group has been in the realm of mining. This venture has been spurred on by acquiring several Granite and Bentonite mines in West Rajasthan. As it stands, Vijaylaxmi Group is the largest mine holder in the region and is therefore keen to capitalize on the multifarious uses of both these products. What helps in this regard is the fact that both the products have great demand not only internally, but also overseas.

With the steady growth of India’s real estate industry, there is a great demand for construction material. Granite and Bentonite are both an integral part of the process of construction; being used for building everything from houses to dams to sculptures and even tombstones. Bentonite is additionally used intensively in the pharmaceutical, agriculture, gemstone, horticulture, petroleum and cosmetic industries.

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Needless to say, mining will be a core focus of the group in the years to come because of its inherent potential and unbound future scope, especially in the export market. In a very short period of time, this has become one of the primary focuses on the Vijaylaxmi group and will only grow with time.

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