Community Initiative

Giving back is not just a CSR aspect of Vijaylaxmi Group – it is an integral part of our business. As a brand, Vijaylaxmi Group is built on strong morals, values and undying trust. Our focus on community initiatives is our commitment to growth not just as a company but as a nation.


Mohanlal Sayarchand Kawar International School, Pali District
Established in 2006 and located at Naya Gaon Road, Pali District, this School has been established, operated and run by the Mohanlal Sayarchand Kawar Family.

Shri Sayarchand Kawar is founder of the school which has today become one of the most renowned schools in the Pali district. The school has set a sound equilibrium between scholastic and non-scholastic areas, with a plethora of activities ranging from sports, arts, dance, music, dramatics, debates, tours, competitions and public speaking.

MSKIS aims at provide holistic education for students with an international standard that is enriched with Indian values and tradition – broadening their perspective and providing greater and more meaningful experiences. In turn providing them with the required academic and cultural foundation ensuring they lead successful and meaningful lives.

MS Kawar School, Jetpur City
Education has been foremost priority of the Kawar family. Jetpur is a small village located 30 kms away from the Pali District in Rajasthan. This is the place where ancestors of the Kawar family were born and brought up. MS Kawar School has been established by Kawar Family to provide education to the children in the Jetpur Village. This is a secondary school spread over 2 Acres of Land.


World Class Medical Facilities in Bangur Hospital, Pali District
Its always said that the place where you are born and brought up is always close to your heart. Kawar Brothers have tried their best to bring about change and progress for the people in the city from where their journey began. The Kawar family has constructed Maternity ward, patient rooms, Isolation Ward and Air Conditioned Operation theatre in the Bangur Hospital, Pali District which is now equipped with modern medical facilities. Bangur Hospital is presently being run by State Government


Shetrapal Athithi Bhavan, Mumbai
Located in the heart of Mumbai Shetrapal Athithi Bhavan was developed to as an abode for out of station visitors and the underprivileged providing low cost accommodation for family and relatives of patients at nearby hospitals

In addition, Shetrapal Athithi Bhavan provides accommodation for outstation students in Mumbai for education, right through till the time they get their admissions done and get permanent accommodation. And similarly for young businessmen. In all there are 75 Rooms in this Bhawan wherein 25 are strictly reserved for the people who come to Mumbai for medical treatment. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner is available at subsidised prices and pure vegetarian food is served. Tea and coffee are available round the clock.

Originally constructed by the Godhwal Community, Shetrapal Athithi Bhavan was inaugurated and is being looked after by Kawar family.

Safe Drinking Water
In state where temperatures recorded are the highest in the nation – year after year, the Kawar Family has opened two drinking Water Centres in Pali District – Providing relief to people from the scorching heat of the sun.

  • Bangad College Water Dinking facility. After constructing the same, it has been handed over to State Government.
  • Bus Stand Drinking facility: Pali being a small town is very well connected to roadways. The main Junction in the City of Pali wherein East West and North South road connects is popularly known as Bus Stand and is crowded throughout the day. This Drinking facility Centre has been constructed and is being run by Mohanlal Sayarchand Kawar Family.

In Mumbai as well, the Kawar Family has installed number of filters for providing drinking water facility to students at the Vidyanidhi High School, Juhu.

Seva Samiti Old Age Home, Pali Marwar
We believe in respecting elders and learning from their experiences. This value has been inculcated in our actions and we have constructed various rooms and halls and handed them over to the Seva Samiti organisation. The Seva Samiti Organisation is incharge of running the Old Age Home.


Environment is a big area with tremendous scope to initiate. We took the approach of cleaning our own operations. Look within, Go Green and then step out to clean the World. Our projects are certified by Griha and are our Go Green intiatives. These initiatives at Vijaylaxmi Group have undergone a lot of positive changes. We have been able to touch lives of many and created a difference. We shall continue to do so through our programs and initiatives.